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In many ways, Clooney is both the perfect movie star and a repudiation of what we think of as one. The opposite of Stockholm Syndrome is sometimes called Lima Syndrome, when captors develop sympathy for their victims. The following is a list of every character and extra that has died over the series. His reaction was heartbreaking. Jesse and Walt — and the show’s story lines in general — are pretty far removed from day-to-day meth heads and the squalor and sadness meth addiction can bring. It’s No-Doze all over again, except this time with an insane bloodbath. Discuss the poll here It is not, however, a show about grief — which is surprising given just how many characters on the show die. And the fact that they did it just to keep Jesse in line. Actively murdering someone, or not doing anything to prevent someone else’s death? In compiling this list, it’s becoming very clear that BB isn’t that big on sad, tragic deaths. And mortality. Possibly the most creative death BB has ever had, used here to kill off the head of Los Pollos Hermanos’s parent company. In Netflix’s rote adaptation of August Wilson’s play, Viola Davis falters while Chadwick Boseman fares better. She was raised as a Jehovah's Witness in El Monte, California. What’s true of any social-media endeavor remains the same on this app: Give people the space to talk, and they will say too much. Remember what we said about becoming desensitized to murders? Shocking, indeed. Thankfully, Todd got what was coming to him by the end of the show. The Salamanca twins kill ten people all at once, yet it barely registers as sad. Dramatic, sure. [Spoilers for everything including the most recent episode from here on out.]. If you get in the ring, you’re gonna get punched. He has a frightening natural affinity for those dangerous, deadly choices, and he makes them with a detached calm. Emily Clara Rios (born April 27, 1989) is an American actress and model. You mess with Hank Schrader, Hank Schrader messes right back. Barely. One minute, he’s buying balloons with his granddaughter. Murdering. Breaking Bad is a show about morality. A single resigned gaze. Breaking Bad came to its conclusion tonight with "Felina." Except for every once in a while, when Breaking Bad goes full-on weepy, and suddenly all the other ambient pain on the show becomes focused into a single moment. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. Andrea’s murder is another terribly tragic death. Emily Rios as Andrea Cantillo. Which character death surprised you the most? Gale Dies in: “Full Measure,” season three, episode thirteen Heartbreak level: Medium. On BB, the strange answer seems to be that the lack of action is the more reprehensible choice. [2] She also appeared as Lucía Villanueva in the FX drama Snowfall. Andrea's death was pretty fucking sad. Upright Citizens Brigade Closes Sunset Theater in Los Angeles. (It helped that it seemed like he genuinely did want the best for Jesse.) The Cousins strike again, this time axe-murdering a cop before the opening credits. Max Arcinieaga Dies in: “Hermanos,” season four, episode eightHeartbreak level: Substantial. Death and misery go hand-in-hand on the show, but less so death and traditional sadness. We’ve seen Walt kill people, endanger people, threaten people, and yet Jane’s OD — which Walt witnessed but didn’t cause in any concrete way — is the one that leaves us thinking, Oh God, how could you? [5] In 2008, she appeared in the independent film Vicious Circle. She was selected for the role of Magdalena in Quinceañera over more than 200 other actresses. Chow Dies in: “Madrigal,” season five, episode two Heartbreak level: None. At the end of one of the most tense, exciting sequence in TV memory, Hank manages to take down half the deadly duo sent to kill him. Andrea Cantillo. Peter Schuler Dies in: “Madrigal,” season five, episode twoHeartbreak level: Franch. Emily Clara Rios[1] (born April 27, 1989) is an American actress and model. [4], Rios was professionally discovered during a day out at a shopping mall. [3], Rios was born in Los Angeles, California, to Mexican parents. Even if he was a wee child murderer, too. He’s a bad guy who did a lot of bad things to a lot of people, but he spent his final years in agony. Decrepit, child-abandoning Spooge gets his head crushed under a stolen ATM, and as much as it plays like a borderline farce, the rest of the episode is incredibly sad. Combo shortly before his death. You can't sell millions of dollars of meth without breaking a few eggs. Emily Rios is an American actress and model. (It’s a lot!) Drug-dealer Combo reappears in flashbacks in season three, and we learn that he was sort of a fun guy, at least a fun enough one to give Jesse an RV. She also appeared as Lucía Villanueva in … For a brief time in Breaking Bad season 5, a man named Declan (Louis Ferreira) served as a distributor for Walt's meth empire. She has also had recurring roles in the television series Friday Night Lights, Men of a Certain Age, Breaking Bad, The Bridge and From Dusk till Dawn: The Series. Drew Sharp Dies in: “Dead Freight,” season five, episode five Heartbreak level: Serious. Lots of innocent people have been hurt by Walt’s evil schemes, but maybe none so innocent or so hurt as the kid on the bike. If you’re gonna kill yourself, at least have a whole bunch of tater tots and dip first. I blame Walt for Andrea's death just as much as todd. BB kills lots and lots of people, but more often than not, the deaths aren’t the ends in and of themselves: Gus might want Victor dead, but what he really wants is to scare the shit out of Walt and Jesse. Anonymous Gus henchman Dies in: “Bug,” season four, episode nine Heartbreak level: Not heartbreaking at all. We’ve all seen enough shows and movies to know that tweaky drug traffickers will probably die, so Tuco’s end didn’t even come as much of a surprise. Emilio’s death is our first sign that Walt isn’t just making a few dangerous choices under duress. But his death is almost more tragic for his killer than for him — the image of little Tomás holding the gun is more overwhelming and heartbreaking than Combo face-down in the street. Whereas Walt killed most of the men with his machine gun, Jesse personally killed Todd before escaping. Marco Salamanca Dies in: “One Minute,” season three, episode seven Heartbreak level: An icy, bald nothing. Let’s look back through all the deaths so far on this show and consider how heartbreaking they are. The organization says it’s “still working to maintain our Franklin space” as the pandemic drags on. His final words were Let me die in peace, though it’s hard to believe he actually did. Log in or link your magazine subscription, Gucci Mane Freezes All Other Infants Out of the Baby Name Game, It’s Christmas Morning for Everyone But Mom on, Watch Adam Sandler Sing a Song About Steve Buscemi to Steve Buscemi, Update: “I’m feeling much better… Thanking God that my mom is out of the hospital and my dad is doing well.”, Third Time’s the Harm for Kevin Spacey’s Annual Christmas Eve Video, Kevin Spacey releasing an “It Gets Better” video in 2020. Breaking Bad is replete with grim, depressing moments across its five seasons, but few are as outright bleak as the murder of single mother and Jesse Pinkman love interest Andrea Cantillo. This episode was a hoot. So what if we just never stopped listening to it? One of the only sources of light in Jesse’s life, she is fatally shot by Todd Alquist. SPOILER: ***SPOILERS*** The last episode of Breaking Bad aired on 29 September 2013, but the memories of W.W. laying in the lab are still afresh. What the hell is Elizabeth talking about? Questlove memorialized the co-founder of the early Brooklyn hip-hop group. Discuss the poll here That’s sad! Already a subscriber? And if you work for Gus, you’re probably going to get killed. Hey, at least he died at home. Here are 35 notable deaths from the series. Besides being a feast for rats, a plague can be a fresh start for a criminal or an addict. We’ll just say “high.” The sadness here, again, comes not from the dead —  none of whom we meet —  but from their (accidental) killer, Jane’s bereft father, Don. We’d already seen the informant’s severed head on top of a tortoise, so it was a pretty safe bet that something bad had befallen Tortuga himself. (Later, Walt and Jesse destroy the body with acid.) Tyrus … was also killed in that explosion. 1 History 1.1 Breaking Bad 1.2 El Camino 2 Appearances 2.1 Breaking Bad While riding on his bike one day, he picked up a tarantula and put it in a jar, supposedly to keep it as his pet. And then gets killed in the hospital. She is best known for her role as Andrea Cantillo on the AMC series Breaking Bad.In 2013 she began portraying newspaper reporter Adriana Mendez on the FX series The Bridge. Leonel and Marco were, to this point, interchangeable, but imagine being the twin who survives. He would ultimately be murdered by a young child for selling meth on two rival dealers territory. Warner Bros. to Drive You Back to Theaters With. Emily Rios was born on April 27, 1989 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Emily Clara Rios. Jesse got his chance to avenge Andrea's death when Walt infiltrated the compound in the Breaking Bad series finale. Nameless Gus employees are pretty much disposable. Todd had been working with Jesse and Walt long enough that it's not surprising he knew what was important to Jesse. All rights reserved. Emily Rios, Actress: The Bridge. She has appeared in the short For Them and Quinceañera. Are we horrible if we say zero? Andrea Cantillo was the older sister of Tomás and … Emilio’s death isn’t there for us to mourn over Emilio, it’s there for us to learn just how serious Walt is about making meth. Anyone who thinks they can out-smart Mike is in for a rude awakening. It just is. Breaking Bad is an American television series created by Vince Gilligan that premiered in 2008. Do you still remember? The women are getting vulnerable this week. Jane Dies in: “Phoenix,” season two, episode twelve Heartbreak level: Extremely high. In Season 4, Brock was intentionally poisoned and nearly died. He killed an innocent child, shot Andrea and made Jesse watch, then imprisoned Jesse for months. The 167 passengers on the Wayfarer 515 and JM 21 flights Die in: “ABQ,” season two, episode thirteen Heartbreak level: Dare we say “sky high”? Breaking Bad is a show about Walter White's transformation into a villain. Los Pollos driver, two cartel assassins Die in: “Bullet Points,” season four, episode four Heartbreak level: None. Rios was discovered while shopping in an area shopping mall. Fuck Don Eladio! Tuco Dies in: “Grilled,” season two, episode two Heartbreak level: Zero. He was Gus’s hermano from another madre, his (maybe) lover, his business partner, and his BFF. The nine Mexicans on a truck, plus the driver Die in: “No Mas,” season three, episode one Heartbreak level: Nil. Another Los Pollos driver, and two Los Pollos guards Die in: “Cornered,” season four, episode sixHeartbreak level: None. She is an actress, known for The Bridge (2013), … Related: Breaking Bad Originally Started Out As A Joke. That’s how the show works. Tomás Cantillo Dies in: “Half Measures,” season three, episode twelve Heartbreak level: Weepy.Tomás’s death is made tragic rather than just sad by seeing Andrea’s reaction to it. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. Leonel Salamanca Dies in: “I See You,” season three, episode eightHeartbreak level: An icy, bald, slight something. At least we’ll always have “Major Tom.”. The periods of relief where Breaking Bad cracks a joke and lets the viewer breathe, those funny moments stand out so much because of how crushing … BB has invested more in its characters as the show’s gone on, and early introductions, like Tuco, didn’t have quite the emotional depth as, say, Mike. Tortuga Dies in: “I.F.T.,” season three, episode three Heartbreak level: Low, but with a gasp. Caroline Polachek Serenades Santa in ‘So Cold You’re Hurting My Feelings’, What to See, Watch, and Stream This Christmas. Rather, Gale’s killing is heartbreaking because of what it means for his murderers: Jesse really is that easy to manipulate, and Walter really is that manipulative. She portrays Andrea Cantillo in Breaking Bad. She portrays Lucia Villanueva, the daughter of a Mexican crime boss, on the drama Snowfall, which debuted on FX on July 5, 2017. I imagine Brock discovering his mother's body the next morning, or even that night. Not as heartwarming as Don Eladio’s death, but not sad, either. Leave it to Gus Fring to orchestrate the grandest poisoning fiesta ever. ... Tomás’s death is made tragic rather than just sad by seeing Andrea’s reaction to it. We care about Gus’s death. Or … the opposite of rude awakening. No. Nameless rival dealers Dies in: “Half Measures,” season three, episode twelveHeartbreak level: Nothing. Why Did Tayshia Really Break Up With Ivan on, “She wanted to date someone who is Christian … it does suck.”. That happens to Walt, and to a greater extent to the audience, as Krazy-8 sits in the basement, helpless, pathetic, describing himself as a family man, and rejecting sandwich crusts. Chris Mara Dies in: “Madrigal,” season five, episode two Heartbreak level: None. Here you will find discussions and speculations about the show, pictures from the show, AMA's with the cast, and anything else Breaking Bad related. She appeared in the 2005 short film For Them and the 2006 film Quinceañera. After Andrea's kid brother Tomas was shot to death, Jesse gave Andrea money to buy a new home in a better neighborhood. No matter how evil their actions or how terrible their behavior, when it’s Walt and Jesse versus Other People, we’re always rooting for Walt and Jesse. There was no other person who deserved to kill Todd more than Jesse. Emilio Dies in: The pilot Heartbreak level: Zero? After that he became involved with Andrea for admittedly selfish reasons, and I think any feelings he had/developed were out of guilt a. All content that is not directly-related to Breaking Bad will be removed (this includes image macros/memes, reaction ... Two innocent people one of them a kid) both committed by the same killer. Which character death surprised you the most? Bobby KeeDies in: “Sunset,” season three, episode sixHeartbreak level: Zero. Multipurpose tools! Don Eladio Dies in: “Salud,” season four, episode ten Heartbreak level: Negative ten. [3], Last edited on 11 December 2020, at 00:43, "Emily Rios & Matthew Lillard Promoted To Regulars On FX's 'The Bridge, "John Singleton Reveals Inspirations for His FX Cocaine Drama 'Snowfall, "Emily Rios talks being gay and having a say on her character on "The Bridge,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 December 2020, at 00:43. (Might this all be foreshadowing of Walt eventually killing Jesse?) We care about Tío’s death. After Walt retired, Todd attempted to cook Walt's meth, but he was unable to match the purity. A group of cartel assassins Die in: “Full Measure,” season three, episode thirteen Heartbreak level: None. Me personally, Andrea's death was devastating for me and Jesse, I can't imagine how Brock feels when he steps out and sees his mother's body.The scene where Jesse screams right after makes it even worse; Todd is a goddamn psychopath. And Gus had to watch him die at Don Eladio’s hand. And then … well, the show did what it does and made us interested in him and his emotional scars and his staggering criminal smarts and especially in his wonderful one-liners. A single OD. And mortality. Gaff and the rest of Don Eladio’s associates Die in: “Salud,” season four, episode ten Heartbreak level: Negative five. Gale’s death isn’t heartbreaking in and of itself. Two guards from the laundry lab Die in: “Face Off,” season four, episode thirteen Heartbreak level: Zero. I think he definitely fell in love with Jane and was destroyed upon her death. And masculinity, and the American Dream, and the horrors of aging, and the uselessness of the war on drugs. In 2013 she began portraying newspaper reporter Adriana Mendez on the FX series The Bridge. Too stressed out for heartbreak. Andrea Cantillo was the older sister of Tomás and mother to 6-year-old Brock. Drew Sharp was an adolescent boy living within McKinley County, New Mexico, northwest of Albuquerque. Mike’s ruthless efficiency is suddenly endearing and charming, not just scary. No-Doze and Gonzo Dies in: “A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal,” season one, episode seven, and “Seven Thirty-Seven,” season two, episode one Heartbreak level: Low and slightly higher, respectively.No-Doze is just the first of many characters on the show to be killed by his boss (this time, Tuco), but poor Gonzo dies as the “world’s dumbest criminal” by Hank’s estimation, after injuring himself while trying to bury his friend. It’s a moment a pure catharsis as Jesse is able to sneak up behind Todd and savagely strangle him to death. They’re in for a polite murdering. Andrea Cantillo. Tyrus Dies in: “Face Off,” season four, episode thirteen Heartbreak level: Just one notch up from nothing. A subreddit for fans and critics of the hit television series Breaking Bad on AMC. Krazy-8 Dies in: ” … and the Bag’s in the River,” season one, episode three Heartbreak level: Moderate. Marco Salamanca takes out a random passerby before setting his sights on Hank. Here are 35 notable deaths from the series. Because of Janes death, needing love as a distraction and b. realizing he has been selling/doing meth with someone who has a child. In addition to Wile E. Coyote’s very own animated feature. [src] Christian Ortega, commonly referred to as Combo, was one of Jesse Pinkman's longtime friends who also doubled as a dealer for his meth. And his gross parties! Emilio Koyama - Poisoned by phosphine gas created by mixing red phosphorus with hot water and released by Walter White Plus these deaths are a tiny bit darkly comic because Walt’s in his pathetic Aztec while he’s running people down. Emillio was Jesse’s original drug buddy, and he became the first victim of poisoning on the series when Walt gassed him and Krazy-8 in the RV. Gus Dies in: “Face Off,” season four, episode thirteen Heartbreak level: Negligible.Don’t get us wrong: Gus’s death was incredible, and the series might never find a better foil for Walt. The earlier a character on the show died, the more likely it is that their death wasn’t sad. Hank SchraderWalt started out on his path of criminal activity as a way to provide for his family, so it … Mike Ehrmantraut Dies in: “Say My Name,” season five, episode seven Heartbreak level: As high as this show’s ever managed. He was murdered by Todd Alquist after unintentionally witnessing Walter White's train heist. This article is about the list of deaths on Breaking Bad.For the list of deaths on Better Call Saul, see List of deaths on Better Call Saul. But we didn’t shed a single tear. For a … Her little brother isn’t the only kid involved in Gus’s drug ring, but he’s the only one we’ve seen and the only one we have any reason to care about. Hector “Tio” Salamanca Dies in: “Face Off,” season four, episode thirteen Heartbreak level: Surprisingly high.Hector’s one of the show’s memento mori, a piteous former henchman now reduced to ringing a bell and being emotionally tortured by those around him. Just, really sad all around. Still, a machete beheading gets our attention. The show was followed in 2015 by the prequel series Better Call Saul, created by Gilligan and Peter Gould, and in 2019 by the film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, directed by Gilligan.The following is a list of characters from both series and the feature film. Ding ding ding ding ding. What’s worse: Doing something bad, or not stopping something bad? Walt’s corruption stretches farther than he could ever have predicted. Most of the deaths, though, aren’t played up for sadness’s sake; they’re there so other characters can feel fear or feel empowered. The 50 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now, John ‘Ecstasy’ Fletcher of Whodini Is Dead at 56. Spooge Dies in: “Peekaboo,” season two, episode six Heartbreak level: A little sad. The next, he’s using those balloons to help him slay his foes. It’s a tiny bit sadder than being the twin who dies at the scene. SPOILER: ***SPOILERS*** The last episode of Breaking Bad aired on 29 September 2013, but the memories of W.W. laying in the lab are still afresh. Clubhouse Is Dangerously Close to Becoming Our New Internet Wasteland. A memorable scene from Breaking Bad - Season 5: Episode 5, 'Dead Freight' BreakingBadPremium The rapper and wife Keyshia Ka’oir Davis welcome an impeccably-named baby boy. This is why we don’t conspire to kill Mike, kids. When Mike first appeared on the show, he was sort of a goon, a standoffish fixer without much of a heart. If anything, it was heartwarming. She was raised as a Jehovah's Witness in the city of El Monte, California. He goes down swinging with the only thing he can still control. It’s a show about greed and fear and power. Victor Dies in: “Box Cutter,” season four, episode one  Heartbreak level: A blood-soaked little twinge.Gus silently slits his throat in front of a quaking Walt and Jesse: another instance of a boss killing his subordinate. Bystander Dies in: “One Minute,” season three, episode seven Hearbreak level: Shush! Well, it's over. Combo Dies in: “Mandala,” season two, episode elevenHeartbreak level: Medium-husky. Breaking Bad is a show about morality. She is best known for her role as Andrea Cantillo on the AMC series Breaking Bad. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. If not for Jesse’s panicked “No!,” it might have seemed like no one at all cared about Todd murdering a child. Thank you for your service, Josh. Declan and his crew bought out Mike and Jesse's share of the business while Todd worked as Walt's lab assistant. Hank and the Salamancas aren’t the only people in the parking lot. First of all, Jesse didn't tell them where her house was, they already knew. But Gus’s facemelt isn’t sad. Yeah, even sadder than Jane. If anything, most of the deaths on the show are just backdrop — desensitizing both viewers and characters to the concept of murder. Breaking Bad's major character death proves the most gut wrenching yet In ways both crucial and cutting, this episode was the most gut wrenching episode ever put to air of Breaking Bad , … Christmas Music Is the Best Genre of Music.

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