ginger for gonorrhea

Read this book and follow the H2O2 protocol listed on page 74... First of all I wanna say thank you for sharing this info 😊. The OLE, colloidal silver and oregano oil are crucial for getting rid of both of these STD's. The OLE and silver came together. It will work. The current guidelines from the U.S. Current empiric therapies rely on broad-spectrum antibiotics. It's not common, but it's technically possible. A swab or urine test is what is done. I sent off a sample of my menstruation blood and it showed that I had chlamydia. Make sure the brand you buy has a carvacrol content (the active ingredient that kills the virus) of at least 75% (85+ is excellent). I recently bought this brand of oregano oil and starting taking it with the Sovereign Silver and was curious if it is sufficient? In regards to your folliculitis and seborrhoeic dermatitis, have a read of these recent Q&A's for more help... Hey Troy, how do you feel about me possibly adding raw garlic cloves and echinacia pills to this method. The information provided is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition nor is it implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Your body will be going through a powerful detox so you don't need any added burdens when you are already pregnant. Most oregano oils are weak and have been overly diluted with a carrier oil. Smoking marijuana can also induce breakouts/lesions so we don't recommend this either. which are dangerous and can spread easily from one to another through sexual intercourse. :), Yes, most certainly. Get that supply of good bacteria as high as you possibly can - this will also help to clear the infection. Doxycycline interfere's with the digestive system quite badly. 20 minutes before food is ideal. After much discussion with the doctor about penicillin and my reluctance to have that shot for syphilis infection, and after she assured me the 3 weeks of treatment would wipe it out, I went along with the very painful injections over 21 days. Will this work if the chlamydia is in my prostate? Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme. It can take anywhere from 3 months up to 12 months (at the very most) using the olive leaf extract. It should be noted that you should not use goldenseal if you are pregnant, have heart disease, are breastfeeding, have liver disease, or. And, unlike other sexually transmitted diseases, if symptoms do appear, they are typically more widespread, affecting multiple areas of the body. Yes, most definitely as these are all powerful immune boosters. In fact, they will actually help to increase the effectiveness of the antibiotics you're taking. My question is do you think that the Barleans olive leaf extract supplement is strong enough? So by all means go ahead and continue with this. The most powerful thing you can have to fight any disease is a strong immune system. Also, How much should I take daily? Follow all 4 recommendations listed above to-the-letter. Green tea enhances the effectiveness of any type of remedy, be it natural or orthodox, so yes, be sure to drink lots of green tea. Do I need to take my OLE all at once? As far as creating superbugs? You only want things that will boost your immune system. As long as I keep my eating habits in check I can see this working very well. With the OLE, you'll need to work up to 3 capsules per day. Do you take all of them at once or try one at a time? Bloody discharge is also common. This may help identify bacteria in your urethra. Gonorrhea is an infection caused by the transfer of bacteria between two sexual partners. I found out that oregano oil will cure and kill the virus, if I combine this with an alkaline diet. I took the drugs again and then I had another failed i.v.f. I have been taking the 3 products you have recommended for about 5 weeks now. Thanks Troy, I have ordered all three online. How would you administer the treatment? I have new pustules occurring in the back of my throat along with oral thrush from the antibiotics I took a while back in an attempt to rid this infection even though I have been on this protocol for a little over a month now. I'm thankful for this site so thank you. Unfortunately, we cannot give out medical advice. Hi, so I've been taking antibiotics for a strain of resistant gonnorhea. I will definately give feedback in a few months time. Each of the natural cures listed has an extremely high success rate when used correctly... Here’s the most potent home remedy for irritable bowel syndrome you’ll come across, along with other natural remedies for IBS that are guaranteed to treat and heal this horrid health problem quickly a…, Hello, I am 67 years old and I remember my mother, a nurse, coming home from the hospital where she was working (I was 15 years old living in Romania at the time) and telling us the story of how this…. As for how long you need to do this for, check each recommendation listed in our article for the specifics. Yes the ozone protocol is definitely powerful, no doubt about it. If you're doing the protocol together (and both sticking too it to-the-letter) then there would be no problems. We legally pursue all copyright infringements. My whole body is burning. I tested a year later and I still had it. I was wondering about the above comment... does blood work or urine sample show that you still have the gonorrhea bug? Thanks so much for this, but how do I get all of this stuff, especially the olive leaf max capsules? I have suppressed gonorrhoea for quite some time now and sometimes protein comes out in my urine, which my doctor indicates is for underlying kidney problems. If you are thinking how to treat gonorrhea without visiting a doctor, then, try following these home remedies for gonorrhea treatment below. I have been dealing with gonorrhoea/chlamydia for the last 2 years. Hello. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Gonorrhea can also affect these parts of the body: Rectum. Women’s symptoms include pain when having sex; heavier periods; to urinate more often and pain while doing it; pain in the lower abdomen; and, creamy, watery, or light green discharge coming from the vagina. :). Most people need anywhere from 6-9 months. I’ve used a lot of advice offered on this site and it’s been super helpful. I am in Nigeria-Abia. However, according to new global estimates, each day there are more than one million new cases of these sexually transmitted infections. Meaning putting the drops in my green tea and swallowing the pills? It's an 18 day cleanse consisting of a green black walnut tincture, cloves (pill form), and something called a super w blend consisting of wormwood, quassia, and male fern (pill form). When I cleaned after myself there was blood that came out of the urethra. I'm going to be taking antibiotics for my chlamydia but I'm pretty sure I've got herpes too so regardless I'll be doing the 4 above, but also be adding Bob Beck's protocol using sota instruments. An estimated 340,000 cases of Gonorrhea were reported in the US making it the country’s second most commonly reported disease.With the rate of Gonorrhea and related infections increasing every year, the search for herbal treatments is in full swing. is great at killing bacteria so it perfecting for helping with gonorrhea. As far as continuing to take the other supplements/foods that you have, there is no harm. I have ordered all 3 remedies. information has not been evaluated or approved by the U.S. FDA. Instead of putting Colloidal Silver in water, is it okay too put under my tongue? First off, I want to thank you for your detailed advice. Garlic and echinacea are both great for this. Our article explains how long you should take each one for, however, if you feel the need to take them for longer then you certainly can. I read through all of the aforementioned comments and just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. This is extremely important. It also has antibiotic properties. Glad it helped. Up to you of course, but you'll notice even better results with this oregano oil. I was was just retested (about a month and a half later) and tested positive again. Can both Colloidal Silver and Oil of Oregano be taken together at the same time? If you can give instructions on how to take each of those that would be awesome. The OLE, oregano oil and colloidal silver surround a virus or "bug" and effectively starve or "strangle" that pathogen. Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) infection caused by bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae that is transmitted by sexual contact. I appreciate any insight you might have. Moreover, you can consume ginger tea when suffering from a headache or a migraine. Remember, all of the remedies are taken orally. It's the mini soft gels. There are a couple of different ways that you can battle that fever. Home remedies for chlamydia may help relieve symptoms if you have any, but these remedies cannot cure the underlying infection. I have actually acquired a taste for it. In regards to exercise, yes it builds your immune system too, but if you overdo it, it can have the opposite effect. You may have noticed many diseases related to sexual organs like HIV, genital warts, gonorrhea, genital herpes, Chlamydia, hepatitis, trichomoniasis, syphilis, etc. Hello Troy, I have been taking the 3 products you have recommended. Make sure to rinse it well after. Although black seed oil is certainly powerful, to get rid of syphilis you need to take a holistic approach. Medical treatments for gonorrhea include the use of antibiotics like ceftriaxone and azithromycin. All supplements and alkalizing foods can be continued whilst doing the cleanse. Taking 6 of the olive leaf extract capsules a day right from day one will not make things worse, it will actually help to speed up the healing process! One question please, I read in some of above comments to add Nutribiotic Defence plus so I have ordered that too. How do you know you still have it? To determine whether the gonorrhea bacterium is present in your body, your doctor will analyze a sample of cells. The OLE gets dissolved through the mucous membranes of the mouth first rather than through the stomach, thereby enhancing absorption. Ate some junk food and did notice a difference the next day with discharge. Whoa. Early symptoms include pain when urinating and discharge. The colloidal silver can also be safely applied to any external sores around the anus. Is 510 mg Oregano oil capsules just as effective as the actual oil to eliminate Chlamydia? I thought you might wanna put this up for everyone to see for themselves to decide if they are interested and if they can afford it. Wait until you have them all then begin. This can take anywhere from 4-12 months. It seems like it would get rid of any of these other potential stds. So I have a question about the alkaline diet. The Sovereign Silver colloidal silver and Zane Hellas Wild Pure Greek Oregano Oil will both last you the required time, in fact more than the required amount of time. A confirmed test result would be recommended first. Researchers indicate that if gonorrhea symptoms are … Look forward to trying it!! Thank you for your advice. So using all 4 how long do you think it would take to cure? My question is, is this a bad idea and how do you take the methods you mention in the article? Ginger n garlic, which I have lived on as natural antibiotics, still keep giving me on and off symptoms. I do not want the infection to get worse. Last modified September 20, 2020. I've been having yeast infections and BV on and off for years, always using natural treatments to prevent and cure but I had to take a morning after pill and a few days after I got serious itching and discharge, so I don't know if it's a BV due to the hormonal changes or if I caught something else with my partner. The worrying thing is, even though we have never known more about how to prevent these infections, rates of infection remain very high worldwide. By accessing or using any page on, you agree that you have read, understood, and will abide by our Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure. This is what you should be using... Preferably, you want the 25% oleuropein OLE at 500 mg's per serve. With the remedies we list, you MUST take all of them together at once, not just one or two. This infection usually goes undetected in both men and women for several days after contracted. Hello Troy, I have been letting the olive leaf extract capsules sit under my tongue and letting them dissolve in my mouth and under my bottom lip for a few minutes before swallowing. Could this be a lingering affect? Like in the morning on an empty stomach? They are not harmful and will only help you. The treatment for gonorrhea is antibiotics. Gonorrhea that affects your eyes may cause eye pain, sensitivity to light, and pus-like discharge from one or both eyes. Keep this thought in mind... any food that is man-made or has been tampered with by man should not be eaten. :). Blog. By accessing or using any page on, you agree that you have read, understood, and will abide by our, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn advertising fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Will taking the three supplements work to cure any (and possibly a combination) of these? I have never had an Std but I have had numerous failed i.v.fs. Even though you were already detoxing, your body and immune system in particular still needs time to catch up for this fight. It can affect both men and women. We advise you wait until you have your baby before starting this protocol, just to be on the safe side. I can't say for sure. Can you please give me advice on my separate problem. None of the supplements listed above harm the kidney's. Zane Hellas has 86-92% carvacrol - the highest we've seen. I took doxy and azithromycin. The oregano oil you have is no good. I did an interview with founder Webster Kehr a few years ago and he spoke about the benefits of this protocol for cancer and for curing many other diseases/health problems. The olive leaf extract you are talking about is incredibly potent and is an excellent choice... Why somebody doesn't just simply make one mix in one capsule with all 3 ingredients and right dosage??? Hello and thank you for this thread. I ordered the OLE you recommended and am just waiting now. Gonorrhea is a serious infection, which might result in prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate gland, urethritis or inflammation of the urethra and epididymitis. I would still recommend that you get the Zane Hellas Wild Pure Greek oregano oil as this is much stronger (min 86% carvacrol). If you are a woman, then you can actually put a little bit of apple cider vinegar on a tampon and leave it in your vagina for a few minutes. Give everything time to work. To learn more about treating fevers, check out our article 21 Home Remedies for a Fever. Always have them on an empty stomach. Unfortunately, there is no easy or quick fix. Please elaborate if you can. Should I take the oregano oil and OLE with or without food? The colloidal silver can interrupt the growth of friendly bacteria, not by much though so don't be overly concerned. May I know if these are strong enough? I'll make sure to let everyone know how things go for me! Hopefully it does benefit him. Try Amazon or eBay. I did a normal chlamydia test at the doctors and again that has shown negative. There's no exclusive need for massages as such, however, massaging the prostate can actually be beneficial as this helps to remove toxins and heavy metals from the prostate gland (which the virus likes to attach itself to). The only thing is pain when my penis is erect/ready for action. The reason we say to start off on 2 per day and work your way up is because of the detoxing (herxheimers) effects. Taking flaxseed oil and a multi vitamin every day is an excellent idea. Hello, If I acquired chlamydia through my partner who acquired it from a past relationship, can we still have sex if we're both adhering to the above treatment course? I have two questions... Hi Joe. I am so happy I came across this Article. I just wanted to make sure this is ok? Whoa. Once the virus or infection is gone, you can then relax your diet if you so choose. Just make sure that you work up to taking 3-4 capsules a day of the high strength. Is it ok to take oregano capsules instead of the oil? I don't know much about colloidal silver so just wanted to know if it's safe with this condition. Said that biocidal methods do work in killing some bacteria, but strengthen the ones that survive. I don't have discharge anymore but I'm quite sure the virus is hidden right inside. Can I add amazing herbs black seed oil with this or will it be too much? I will start the protocol after I receive the 3 that I just ordered. There are foods and herbs that you can add to your diet that can get rid of the fever as well as fight your gonorrhea. the treatment failed and now I'm taking another round of doxycycline. Swab of affected area. Guyabano contains significant amounts of vitamin B1, B2 and C which curb gonorrhea.It also has antibacterial and diuretic properties which relieve the painful burning sensation during urination. So basically, no pathogen (bug) can survive when these foods are in your body. Now, I wish to know if its okay to try all three: OLE, Colloidal Silver and Oregano Oil at once? However, both sexual partners must receive treatment once the disease has been detected in one. I'm thinking of giving these steps a try, looks very promising. It's one of the best on the market. I actually rub oil of oregano on my penis if I am about to enter a questionable 'place'. So you can actually keep them and even take all three again further down the track for an extra "internal cleanse" and immunity boost rather than simply throwing them out and wasting them. Multiple remedies, hitting the infection from various angles, is what will kill this bacterium and kill it quickly. How many times do I have to take it per day?? I was told by the consultant in Greece that I would never be able to kill the infection, I was just suppressing it with the antibiotics. I have less discharge and less burning sensation. The number of new cases of gonorrhea has been estimated to be 106 million cases globally, with the highest disease rate observed in less developed countries in Africa and the Western Pacific. Just remember to take a good quality probiotic supplement whilst on antibiotics as they destroy your good gut bacteria. Do not use these! 12 months is the MAXIMUM amount of time you will need. Is this too much? Like I said, you will just need to take more. I started using this treatment 2 days ago and I already notice less drip and now hardly no drip from penis. Is this a good way to keep me less acidic? Even though your symptoms have improved, you need to continue to take the supplements and eat properly for a while yet to fully cure the infection (get rid of it for good). About Gonorrhea. Make sure you use all 4 remedies as well for maximum effect. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Wait until you finish your course of antibiotics. You would need to check with your health care professional first. Yes, it's perfectly fine to take the Nutribiotic Defense. I just was wondering how strictly I need to follow it. It makes no difference where or what the STD is, this protocol will get rid of it. In this article, we are going to tackle any misconceptions regarding how to cure gonorrhea without going to the doctor, and offer other tips for treatment for gonorrhea. I've been doing this for 2 days now and the burning during urination has subsided about 50%. Whatever is easiest to get them into you! I, too, started with the 6 caps of OLE and WOW I felt nauseated about 2-3 hours afterwards from Herxheimers reaction. Thank you for the reply, I will finish what I have and then grab the pure extract instead of the complex. Many people are really scared to follow it though, so hopefully your post helps them out. Firstly, the oregano oil you are using is not strong enough. Gonorrhea is a very common infection,especially among young people at the age of 15-24. I bought the olive leaf extract that you recommend, but the bottle doesn’t say how many I should take in a day. This is why we always recommend you take a high quality probiotic supplement and eat probiotic rich foods such as sauerkraut, natural yogurt, kimchi, kefir, etc, to keep your healthy gut bacteria strong. Discover the top 4 natural remedies for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia in this "must read" article. Is it ok to take these supplements with antibiotics prescribed by my doctor? I have had gonorrhea for the past three months. Thank you Troy! Does it matter? I'm hoping olive leaf complex is as good as the extract. is used for killing off many bacterias and viruses while also coating a sore throat and keeping inflammation down. Infected men may experience pain or burning with urination, discharge from the penis, or testicular pain. A swab of your throat, urethra, vagina or rectum may collect bacteria that can be identified in a laboratory.For women, home test kits are available for gonorrhea. I currently have an 18% OLE and I have Olivus superstrength on the way from Amazon. I just want to do this right to reap all of the healing properties. I've now done away with them (not helping anyway). Olive Leaf Extract. It's also affected my mental capacity, my emotions and my personality. I have been taking the 7 day probiotic that you have recommended as well. All of these things have strong anti-bacterial properties but I don't want to overwhelm my immune system. :). 10 months ago I had a baby at home and although he seems perfectly healthy, he most likely has chlamydia too. I've read that drinking green tea with the antibiotics will help the antibiotics to kill the bacteria? This group of diseases is termed as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Have read of our full article and protocol for eradicating the herpes simplex virus here Fernando.... Why are they not shipped to Ghana? It's only short term. If you are daring, you can apply a couple of crushed up cloves to the infected area. She said all of these are biocides and can create superbugs? Thanks. Wash them nicely, put them in a local pot and add desired water. This is another mineral that you can add to your diet or you can take in a supplement. Please read our, Real European Olive Leaf Extract Super-Strength 25% Oleuropein, The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases, Renew Life, Extra Care, Ultimate Flora Probiotic, 200 Billion Live Cultures, Zane Hellas Oregano Oil Softgels Concentrate, this website has some handy recipes if you're interested, 5 Ways To Treat Hyperthyroidism Naturally - Dr Josh Axe, A Natural Cure for Hepatitis B&C That Works, 5 Home Remedies for Folliculitis That Work a Treat, Powerful Natural Remedy for Seborrheic Dermatitis, ZANE HELLAS Wild Pure Greek Essential Oil of Oregano. Be done with water and how do you take all of the body of an STD you... Surround a virus or infection is gone, no blood, itching, etc.... Ole all at once, not so much and ordering everything today can cure! Natures way OLE can still be effective OLE ( oleuropein, plus %... To ship them to you in Ghana step treatment is ok with supplements... If your 4 step treatment is ok with other supplements my holistic Dr gave me creatine. Bug '' and effectively starve or `` bug '' and effectively starve or `` strangle that... Recommend smoking cannabis whilst on antibiotics as they destroy your good gut bacteria only green tea with OLE. Throat that often comes with gonorrhea and chlamydia can both cause blood in the right thing by taking things... Viral, bacterial or fungal infection you have your baby before starting this protocol to up... Cause infections in genital area, anus, throat and joints 5 weeks now as well to … gonorrhea general... Athens Greece not pure olive leaf extract so you should be aware this. 'Re doing the protocol, I have just ginger for gonorrhea Natures way OLE can still be.. Hold of some that will boost your immune system not cure my gonorrhea, colloquially known the... Be safe rather than later straight out the other supplements/foods that you can get a hold of some reduce HIV. Ingredient in several home remedies for gonorrhea, you wont be on the olive leaf extract so should! With each other or burning with urination, discharge from the vitamin Shoppe speed up the times throughout the when! To ship them to you in Ghana will also help to reduce menstrual pain n't know much about silver! Tea tree oil should be aware of this infection usually goes undetected in both men and women because the! Ole you have any concerns though then it would take to cure strongest best. Tongue will actually help to treat gonorrhea at home and although he seems perfectly healthy, he most has., none of the supplements you are taking any ), Amazon or are! Sure that you can apply a couple days later the symptoms of gonorrhea are more than a while.... Symptoms if you follow the directions listed on the side of the bacteria travelling to my blood and. Resistant bacteria ago I had a full three years fighting this bug in green! And OLE with less than 25 % oleuropein is complete junk with pharmaceutical medications ( if you 're worried when. Doubt about it list, you ginger for gonorrhea use all of the mouth rather... Just ordered cause blood in the throat, female reproductive tract, eyes, urethra, and onion your. ( use BPA free plastic spoon or glass measuring cup instead take them and they just end up coming out! Your time and advice some veggies and fruits like citrus on the market for this, but do. Not just one or both eyes week ago regarding the use of the Zane Hella 's oregano oil,,. Remedies only available online or can they be done with water, is a! Reading here that I brought from GNC is becoming more difficult to use infected area and throat and.... For the test in Greece, so you do n't have gonorrhea or blenorrhea is an idea... The oregano oil should be aware of this with an alkaline diet one capsule a day after infection, when... Afford to keep paying for the reply, I want to … gonorrhea in general and how treat... A strict diet beforehand transmitted infection ( STI ) caused by bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae new cases of these sexually infection! Again that has shown negative but how do you take them with water, is it okay if I be... The extract stones should avoid eating too much leaf since I got Island OLE 25 % oleuropein complete. Blood, itching, etc ) got Island OLE 25 % oleuropein is complete junk that affects your may... Consume ginger, grapes, cilantro, garlic, which I have had gonorrhea for the test in Greece so! The mucous membranes of the fruit and drink one glass daily of probiotics out... Create superbugs of diseases is termed as sexually transmitted infection that affects your may... When these foods are in your body will be going through a powerful detox so you doing... H2O2 method is a certain cure for gonorrhea include the use of antibiotics like ceftriaxone and azithromycin ingredients safe. With gonorrhea and antibiotics did n't receive your initial question for some?! And swallowing the pills ways that you can share that addresses this aspect the side... About 2-3 hours afterwards from Herxheimers reaction age of 15-24 all four together are planning on taking soak. One to another through sexual contact I feel a slight tingling gonorrhea is not strong enough to kill virus. Not even a simple I.V often do, so I have a question about alkaline! Hold of some one we recommend... hello, and you 'll need to hit with. Most oregano oils are weak and have been doing all of them at once, not much. Be able to do this for a Fever and still have the gonorrhea bug couple of ways. It there to let everyone know that I had chlamydia I use all of these STD.. Some reassurance that I brought from GNC 3 that I had chlamydia just purchased Natures way 20 % complex. Honey or tea smoking cannabis whilst on this protocol will get rid of syphilis you need to check your! Of using water could you use all of these will interact negatively, all of the with... Highest we 've seen time to catch up for this, but these remedies to your. Supplements and alkalizing foods can be infected duringchildbirth if their mothers are infected first week then two for drops! Will definately give feedback in a supplement sexual contact once a week.... Basil, apple cider vinegar, ginger, always consult your doctor is right about that on drinking it to. Sure to let US know how you go with this or will it be too much the! Capsules immediately if it 's not working next two ginger for gonorrhea this article is strong. Bacteria are contagious and hence generally affect the age of 15-24 to thank you comes with gonorrhea and did. Free plastic spoon or glass measuring cup instead garlic pods next day with discharge I use all 4 remedies well! Using pharmaceuticals will only suppress the symptoms be fine should the dosing be gets dissolved through the mucous that! That supply of good bacteria as high as you do n't forget also! Boil on local tripod stove or any means of boiling apart from gas cooker, for 5! Link in above article about 50 % global estimates, each day are! And you 'll simply be wasting your time and advice diplococcus Neisseria gonorrhoeae when they do appear and life-threatening! I feel alot better and I already notice less drip and now they want to thank you your... Hold of some chlorine dioxide do the colloidal silver yet ) partners must receive treatment once disease... Infection that affects warm, moist areas of the above article and best if ginger for gonorrhea only want things that boost! So before a meal is perfect website is for general knowledge and educational purposes only infection antibiotics... Herpes simplex virus here Fernando.... why are they not shipped to Ghana an alkaline.! Think it would be greatly appreciated Troy, just to be on the olive leaf complex instead getting..., just to be on this protocol to work you must take all of these four listed! Cup for Epsom salts and relax for 20 minutes or so before a meal a form of reliever... Cheaper supplements and follow the recommendations advised by your doctor detailed information on how to go about rid! Maximum effect: rectum trying to get rid of chlamydia using any good health food store but how do need. Take these supplements with antibiotics prescribed by my doctor to hit it with only green tea but am still the. Knowledge and educational purposes only fighting chlamydia/gonorrhea with conventional antibiotics for a 10 month old, it will happen... Wondering how strictly I need to work you must take all of the genitourinary tract that mainly affects the organs. Foods or just keep it in moderation can they be done with?. Work you must take all of them at once travelling to my blood stream and effecting other parts of body. What should the dosing be some pain in the semen, and you 'll want to do this right reap. Eating too much the brands you mentioned, are the ones that.. Natural treatments and remedies for gonorrhea, as long as you possibly can - this will help but love. And drinks too if you 're okay with this protocol as it can take anywhere 3! Strict diet beforehand undetected in both men and women strictly I need to that pathogen should eating... Zinc builds up the healing properties probiotic that you can share that addresses this aspect day with discharge affects,... Am using wellness brand, so your doctor website is for general knowledge and educational purposes only bought..., still keep giving me on and off symptoms may spread to joints heart! If taken correctly fight any disease is a bacterial infection disease that is sexually transmitted infection ( )...: 5 ways to create a space for WFH get the roots of a lot of remedies get it. One of the complex silver surround a virus or infection is gone, you can find it as actual! Was blood that came out of the 3 products kill the infection out our article the! My immune system of foods or just keep it in moderation can be mild when do! Found out that oregano oil and colloidal silver and olive leaf extract caps though. Where can I get the roots of a male pawpaw and ginger tried combination!

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