resorted in a sentence

Ac. Translations of the phrase BE RESORTED from english to french and examples of the use of "BE RESORTED" in a sentence with their translations: Numerical methods have to be resorted to. Whether Dierdirien came to her aid or she resorted to bribing mercenaries and Memon's smaller allies, she needed more blood and time. During the 17th century the trades were in high repute in England, and to them resorted many younger sons of the gentry. It remains to be seen how knowledge can be explained on such a basis; but, before proceeding to sketch Hume's answer to this question, it is necessary to draw attention, first, to the peculiar device invariably resorted to by him when any exception to his general principle that ideas are secondary copies of impressions presents itself, and, secondly, to the nature of the substitute offered by him for that perception of relations or synthesis which even in Locke's confused statements had appeared as the essence of cognition. Still, Augustus resorted thither; here Tiberius recovered from a dangerous illness, and here Hadrian probably built himself a villa. La Justice was now bombarded by two new batteries near Perouse, the Perches were of course subjected to an "artillery attack," and henceforward the besiegers fired 1500 shells a day into the works of the French. It will suffice to indicate here in a synoptic form, as was done by the present writer many years ago, when our knowledge of these wonders of batrachian life was far less advanced than it is now, the principal modes of protection which are resorted to: I. To turn to or make use of a person, strategy, or course of action for help or as a means of achieving something: The government resorted to censorship of the press. Egypt as a Health Resort.The country is largely resorted to during the winter months by Europeans in search of health as well as pleasure. They never thought they would have resorted to using candles to light their home. The axiom of the Amazulu, that " the continually stuffed body cannot see secret things," meets even now with pretty general acceptance; and if the notion that it is precisely the food which the worshipper foregoes that makes the deity more vigorous to do battle for his human friend be confined only to a few scattered tribes of savages, the general proposition that " fasting is a work of reverence toward God " may be said to be an article of the Catholic faith.3 Although fasting as a religious rite is to be met with almost everywhere, there are comparatively few religions, and those only of the more developed kind, which appoint definite public fasts, and make them binding at fixed seasons upon all the faithful. The labour question again became acute in the early years of the 10th century, when, owing to the scarcity of hands and the high rate of wages, selfbinding harvesters were resorted to in England for the ingathering of the corn crops to a greater extent than ever before. resort (n): a popular place for vacation; the act of doing something because there is no other choice Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) They have from very early times been resorted to as a means of staining the hair of a dark colour, and they are the base of the tattooing dye of the Somali women.3 The gall-making Hymenoptera include, besides the Cynipidae proper, certain species of the genus Eurytoma (Isosoma, Walsh) and family Chalcididae, 'e.g.'. A statue of the Virgin stands on a rock projecting above the grotto, the walls of which are covered with crutches atld other votive offerings; the spot, which is resorted to by multitudes of pilgrims from all quarters of the world, is marked by a basilica built above the grotto and consecrated in 1876. long have been resorted to, provided with a steel eye at the top and a ring near the centre of gravity to enable them to be worked (fig. Consequently, for a certain focal length, much deeper curves must be resorted to if the new glasses are to be employed; this means not only greater difficulties in workmanship, but also greater thickness of glass, which militates against the chance of obtaining large disks quite free from striae and perfect in their state of annealing. The discoveries of silver brought great wealth to the margraves, but they resorted at times to bedes, which were contributions from the nobles and ecclesiastics who met in a kind of diet. And I think the resort is about 25% overpriced, considering the worn-down state of the place and the fact you can get a two-night package at the definitely more upmarket Avillion in Port Dickson (also not really PD, but a dozen kilometres south) from about RM800 as well. Filter. 19) which are still resorted to and are well fitted up (temp. The Volokh Conspiracy » Life-Without-Parole Sentence for Under-18 Offender Unconstitutional, When the Crime Is Not Homicide. It is also resorted to by native sailing craft from all parts of the Malay Archipelago. from the town, which yield over 500,000 gallons daily, are resorted to for the cure of rheumatism and skin diseases. Your loved one will probably know you forgot and resorted to sending it because it was something you could do in a matter of minutes rather than going out and putting thought into getting something special. The police had to resort to force to remove the violent protestors. " Filter. On the other hand, serious difficulties arise if we assume that every animal sacrificed represents a deity; and even assuming that such a belief underlies the rite of animal sacrifice, a modification of the belief must have been introduced when such sacrifices became a common rite resorted to on every occasion when a deity was to be approached. Examples of Resort in a sentence As a last resort, the oncologist suggested a trial drug that might send the cancer into remission. 3. The policy pursued was to declare the permanency of the rights existing at the time of the British interposition, conditionally upon the maintenance of order; to adjust and guarantee the relations of subordinate and tributary chiefs to their superiors so as to prevent all further disputes or encroachments; and to settle the claims of the ousted landholders, who had resorted to pillage or blackmail, by fixing grants of land to be made to them, or settling the money allowances to be paid to them. This wise policy, to which he consistently adhered to the close of his reign, was not followed by his son and successor Constans, who, after repeated attempts to win over the sect by bribes, resorted to persecution. Though some of those who resorted to the gymnasts, physicians and musicians derived from them such substitute for " higher education " as was before 447 generally obtainable, it was only incidentally that professional men and artists communicated anything which could be called by that name. 10 10 Any decision, even one of a cour dassises, may be brought before it in the last resort, and may be cassannulled. Meaning: [rɪ'sɔrt /-'sɔːb] n. 1. a hotel located in a resort area 2. a frequently visited place 3. something or someone turned to for assistance or security 4. act of turning to for assistance. : For the past couple of years a poetry festival has been held in Riccione, a resort town on the Adriatic coast in Emilia Romagna. But although she resorted to all sorts of expedients, even to that of trying to pass off a changeling as the grand duke's child, she was not successful. The operation is best performed early in autumn, and may be safely resorted to in the case of fruit trees FIG. Some auto experts say the automobile industry has resorted to manufacturing a computer built atop wheels. The practice of netting this bird in large numbers during the spring and summer, coupled with the gradual reclamation of the fens, to which it resorted, has now rendered it but a visitor in England; and it probably ceased from breeding regularly in England in 1824 or thereabouts, though under favourable conditions it may have occasionally laid its eggs for some thirty years later or more (Stevenson, Birds of Norfolk, ii. The plan at one time resorted to of dividing or excising a portion of the affected nerve is now seldom employed, but the operation of nerve-stretching in some forms of neuralgia, notably sciatica, is sometimes successful.

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